Our Team

Red23 employs a team of experienced sales, marketing and administration staff who work closely with our management division to achieve stunning results.

This team features experienced individuals who are respected in the industry for their talent, passion and commitment. They are assigned to each project for its duration to provide effective and appropriate support to property developers and buyers.

The depth of experience and expertise of this team ensures our clients (property developers) and customers (property buyers) receive the support they require and are satisfied with the results we achieve.


terry p profile thumb

Terry Portelli

Managing Director

bernard e profile thumb

Bernard Eid

Director, New Homes

nick l profile thumb

Nicholas Lacarruba

Project Manager

melissa m profile thumb

Melissa McPherson

Project Coordinator

galance b profile thumb

Galance Badibanga

Project Coordinator

hoang ho red23 thumb

Hoang Vo-Tran

Research & Development Manager

charlie b profile thumb

Charlie Benedetti

Director - Red23 Investments

monica s profile thumb

Monica Sam

Director - Real Estate and Investments


Jazmine Goh

Director - International Markets

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