Sales & Marketing Partners for Residential Developments

Expertise To Deliver

Red23 are the sales and marketing agents behind some of Australia’s best and most awarded developers. We help build communities by connecting property developers with home buyers.

We set ourselves apart by the outstanding results we deliver, our experience, our determination, and our commitment to personal service.


A proven approach and a passionate and proactive sales team.


Delivering the benefit of real time market intelligence.


Marketing advice and implementation from experienced professionals.

Medium Density

Providing turn-key medium density solutions.

Fianance & Admin

Covering finance, contract administration and legal.


We identify and secure project sites for new communities.


A Passionate & Proactive Sales Team

We know what it takes to successfully sell your development and build a community.

From our proven sales process and marketing programs, through to our experienced sales consultants and management team, nothing is left to chance.

We have the experience to advise you on lot mix, product pricing and expected sales rates along with other key aspects to ensure the success of your development.

Our marketing connects with buyers and we leverage our established builder relationships that are unrivaled within the industry. We have strong international and investor sales channels which benefit all of our projects.

The dedicated sales team we assign to your development is committed to building positive relationships to create buyers and build a community.


The benefit of real time market intelligence

The Red23 research team is solely focused on delivering real time market intelligence to its clients.

Provided as an exclusive value-add to Red23 clients, our research is central to the identification, implementation and refinement of sales and marketing strategies necessary to achieve specific and unique client objectives.

In partnership with the sales and marketing team, the dedicated research division underpins the strategic recommendations made by the Red23 executive team and offers developers access to the latest market information.


Experienced Marketing Professionals

Red23 provides integrated marketing from an experienced internal marketing team.

We have a track record for delivering effective marketing strategies, programs and campaigns that drive results.

Working with a developers marketing team and agency or taking responsibility for the delivery of the marketing program, we are experienced in creating a marketing strategy and program that will to build your brand, connect with property buyers, create leads, deliver results and provide a positive ROI.

Medium Density

Providing turn-key medium density solutions

Red23 has established a dedicated medium density team to provide a focused solution for developers who would like to incorporate medium density precincts into their estate.

Our approach provides for the end-to-end design, marketing, sales and construction of a medium density precinct or a full medium density development.

We also provide specialist sales and marketing services for existing medium density developments on a project basis.

Finance & Admin

Covering finance, contract administration and legal

In order to ensure successful completion of a sale, attention to detail is critical. Our administration department successfully manages contracts from deposit to closure of sale.

This important work includes; administration of all contracts and deposit monies, financial management of deposits, administration of all funds transfers, legal correspondence and contract process, ensure that contractual and legislative obligations are met, management of purchaser records, and full and transparent reporting.


Identify and secure project sites

We identify and secure project sites working with developers and landowners to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our acquisition specialists can work to a specific brief to find and secure sites in a chosen region or to provide developers with options that we have already identified.