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Red23 invests in local, regional and national research. Our research team is focused on delivering real time market intelligence to our clients. We are not a consultancy, rather an exclusive service to our partners.

Red23 offers both economic analysis and growth area expertise - fundamentals to a competitive project strategy. We also provide our developer partners with tailored market research and monthly competitor dashboards to help monitor the competitive landscape.

Red23 Research Hub | May.’19

  • For 29 consecutive months, the median land price rose from $187,000 (Dec. ’15) to $355,000 (Apr. ’18).  The current gross median land price sits at $337,000 for 3rd consecutive month.
  • Median land price of new stock was $327,000.
  • More than a third of all trading projects producing a zero sales rate.
  • In percentage terms, more than a quarter of all growth trading projects are located in Melton (compared to around 13 per cent some 4 years ago).
  • Wyndham is the only remaining municipality that hasn’t show a year-on-year median price fall.

Red23 Research Hub | Mar.’19

  • Gross median land price stalls at $337,000 for 2nd consecutive month.
  • Median land price of new stock was $326,500, noting that less than 10 per cent of stock released sold.
  • More than a third of all projects delivered a zero sales rate!
  • Median project sales rates are still a concern, with a median of around 2 sales per project.
  • Median rebate was around $15,000: confirming a net median land price of $322,000.

Red23 Research Hub | Feb.’19

  • After the largest monthly fall in the median land price in over 3 years, the land price  movement has largely stalled in Feb. ’19 at $337,000 (down 2.6% YoY).
  • That said, the net median land price continues to fall as rebates continue to emerge (median rebate ~$15,000).
  • Notably, all but two of the municipalities experienced a fall in the median land price: Hume, in Melbourne’s north remains the most expensive municipality for the 5th consecutive month.
  • Very few green shoots with the median project sales rate continuing to fall, now just above 3 sales per month per project.
  • Cancellations are certainly a topic for discussion, with stock levels expected to rise in the coming quarters placing further downward pressure on price.


Red23 Research Hub | Jan.’19

  • Largest monthly fall in the median land price in more than 3 years.
  • A $10,000 (2.9 per cent) fall delivering a gross median land of $338,000 (comparable to QIV. ’17).
  • All but one of the municipalities experienced a fall in the median land price, Hume remains the most expensive municipality for the 4th consecutive month.
  • Berwick, Burnside and Point Cook are the 3 most expensive land markets, Eynesbury, Diggers Rest and Melton South are the most affordable (all within the City of Melton).
  • Project sales rates are sliding, now below 5 per month per project (median).

Red23 Research Hub | Dec.’18

  • A year of change, with sales volumes slowing significantly and price growth finally grinding to a halt.
  • During 2018, sales volumes dropped by more than 40 per cent.
  • Median land prices rose in 2018 to Apr, where they peaked at $355,000, then remained relatively stable in gross terms to end the year at  $348,000, that said, rebates and incentives have been the norm.
  • The City of Melton recorded the strongest year-on-year price growth of just over 20%.  Hume ended the year as the most expensive land market.
  • Berwick (City of Casey), is the most expensive suburb, with a median price of $470,000.  Diggers Rest and Melton South (both in the City of Melton) are the most affordable suburbs ($270,000 and $275,000 respectively).

Red23 Research Hub | Nov.’18

  • The median land price rose marginally by 0.7% to $347,500, largely driven by the point released product.
  • Rebating further reduces the net median of around $335,000: a fall of ~$20,000 from its April 2018 peak (down ~6%).
  • Mitchell (Beveridge, Wallan) is the most affordable municipality, and the only with a median below $300,000.
  • Stock levels / available lots are also moving north.
  • Despite strong fundamentals, projects sales to fall further in 2019.

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