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Bringing new communities to life
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Bringing new communities to life

New Communities

We are responsible for the sales and marketing of new residential developments and have projects in Victoria & Queensland. Click on the "communities" page to see the developments we represent…

Residential Project Sales & Marketing

We do what we do and we do it well, delivering the results and personal service you expect and giving you the peace of mind that comes from working with experienced professionals…

Expertise & Personal Service

Assigning a dedicated sales team to each project means peace of mind for buyers as they see a familiar and friendly face each time they visit the development and ensures that each project receives the attention of an expert sales team…

Red23 – Residential Project Sales & Marketing

Red23 is a specialist sales and marketing company for residential developments.

Red23 are the sales and marketing agents behind some of Australia’s best and most awarded developers and we help build communities by connecting property developers with home buyers.

Every member of the Red23 team shares a common goal to make sure that we provide exceptional service and delight our customers.

We set ourselves apart by the outstanding results we deliver, our experience, our determination, and our commitment to personal service.

With a strong project marketing footprint on Australia’s East Coast, our marketing pipeline is approaching 15,000 residential products.


Call Red23 on (03) 9540 0477 to discuss the sales & marketing of your current or proposed development.