Experienced marketing professionals

Red23 provides integrated marketing services from an experienced internal marketing team.

We have a proven track record for delivering effective marketing strategies and are experienced in creating marketing programs and campaigns for diverse projects and market segments that drive results.

Through our CRM system, we are able to maintain and drive a comprehensive sales and leads database which allows us to rank and score buyers, produce segmented buyer communications and provide unique customer-experience best practices to deliver results.

Whether we are working with a developer's marketing team, an agency or taking responsibility for the delivery of the marketing program, we specialise in creating a marketing strategy and program that will build your brand, connect with property buyers, create leads, deliver results and provide a positive return on investment.

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Over the years, Carlisle Homes has worked with the Red23 team to deliver great results via well thought-out house and land promotions on a number of projects across Melbourne’s greenfield sites.

Hans Oudemans
General Manager Sales – Carlisle Homes

Red23 and Red23 New Homes breadth and depth of experience in sales and marketing, is a testament to their team.

David Lunardi
Development Manager – Intrapac Projects

I want to thank Frank Franze for his amazing service and advice through the whole purchase of our first block of land. He was patient, professional, knowledgeable and just a lovely person.

Jessica Louise

Resi Ventures appointed Red23 after considering several options and felt that Red23 was the best fit for our development based on their strong work ethic, attention to detail and well respected sales team. They have been proactive from the beginning and integrated themselves into our team seamlessly.

Khurram Saeed
Director – ResiVentures

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