At red23, we know what it takes to generate buyers, sell your development, build a community, or resell your block of land. Our proven sales process, marketing programs, experienced sales consultants and management team ensures nothing is left to chance.

We offer experienced advice and expertise on lot mix, product pricing and expected sales rates along with other key aspects to ensure the success of your development. The red23 team are with you all the way to maximise every opportunity to achieve the highest possible price for your land and meet your desired outcome.

To learn how team red23 can sell your development, improve your current sales results, build your community, or resell your block of land, please reach out to us for a confidential chat to experience the red23 difference.

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Latest Market Intelligence

Through Red23’s Research Division, we have access to the latest residential sales reports, which benchmarks land prices against all active residential projects. This helps us maximise pricing and monitor for price escalation.

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Red23 Invest

Our Investment Division assists first time and experienced residential investors from first conversation through to keys and beyond. The suite of House and Land packages will not only be promoted to our investor database, but also to a network of financial, legal and property specialists.

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Database of sales ready buyers

Once a suite of House and Land packages has been created, we will promote the packages to our substantial database of buyers across Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

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Builder Network

Our team works with an extensive network of builders across Melbourne and Regional Victoria. The end result is a complete residential solution for new purchasers. We ensure there is a comprehensive range of House and Land packages suitable to meet the lifestyle needs and financial objectives of buyers in a particular area. Our Consultants understand the Building Design Guidelines on all new land developments across Victoria, so we can make an informed decision on the suitability of a house design for the block of land.

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Service Delivery with Low Fees

As part of our service, our customers will have a dedicated Sales Consultant to manage the entire sales and marketing process. With our combined network of builders, purchasers and channel agents, we can guarantee a minimal service fee at all times. For further information on how we can help list and market your re-sale block of land, contact us on 03 9540 0477 or leave your details here.

With land located all around Victoria,
we have you covered.

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