A New Community on the Banks of the Werribee River

The Werribee River makes Riverwalk a unique environment. Whether you love quiet walks, heart-pumping runs or scenic bike rides, you'll relish the ambience of a river not too far away. The rhythm of nature along the river's edge and adjacent parkland adds to a feeling of freedom from daily life too.

Riverwalk today is developing into a neighbourhood that offers a diverse range of housing to cater for a variety of lifestyles. Over 300 houses have now been constructed or are under construction.

The Werribee River makes Riverwalk a unique environment. To keep with its natural setting, Riverwalk includes 24 hectares of open space, wetlands and parklands, links to the Werribee River and Federation Bike Trail, 1.4-hectare Village Park which includes a basketball court, water play areas, bike trails and playground and barbeque facilities and provision for two schools and a neighbourhood centre.


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