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Officer South

This horse property was set up in 2005, as a private breeding farm with potential for current and future use as a commercial thoroughbred pre-training and rehabilitation centre. At the time the sand track was laid down around the property, huge drainage works were completed to allow water to drain quickly away from the farm. 

The facilities are designed for future commercial Pre-training and Rehabilitation of Racehorses. The towns of Cranbourne and Pakenham are close by so it is not difficult to get stable workers and track riders to come each day. The property can accommodate up to 100 horses. It has 24 stables within the Water Walker building and 11more stables in a smaller adjacent block. In addition, it has nine large-sized paddocks which can be subdivided into numerous day yards or smaller sized paddocks.

Price: On application
Size: 25.79 hectares
Zoning: Green Wedge Zone - Schedule 1 [GWZ1]

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